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Wow!  Where has this year gone?  Arizona Kairos has seen so much activity and most of all blessings in answer to prayer in just the past few months.  Earlier I told you about the Kairos Outside weekends that were happening in Phoenix and Northern Arizona in April and the Kairos Inside that took place later in April at LaPalma correctional facility in Eloy.  What a blessing all of that was.

Just in the past few weeks Arizona Kairos has been even more blessed as prayers have been answered.  As I mentioned in my past update we were starting up a new Ad Council to begin the process of doing Kairos Inside at the Perryville Women’s prison in Goodyear.  Now we have a date for the very first weekend at Perryville, and it is November 17-20, 2016.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  Also, in the same week, our Kairos Inside Ministry at LaPalma was strengthened with a meeting of the new Warden and his fervor to see not only the Kairos program continue, but to expand.  Both of these events have been an answer to prayer.  It has also been through the perseverance and dedication of volunteers who want to see the light of God shining behind prison walls. 

The rest of the year shows still a lot of activity for Kairos.  For instance, in September Kairos Outside of Tucson will host a weekend, and in October Kairos Outside of Phoenix and Kairos Outside Northern Arizona will also both host weekends.  These weekends are so important to minister to the families of the incarcerated as well as to those who have been incarcerated.  Please see the Kairos Kalendar at mykairos.org or click on the links from this website for the dates and locations of these weekends as well as how you may be able to support them.  

Also, coming up is a Spiritual Retreat for Kairos Inside at LaPalma on August 6-7, 2016, as well as a KI weekend coming up November 3-6, 2016. 

These are all exciting things in the life of our Kairos Ministry; However, God is opening up the doors for us to do even more, and we are currently not prepared to walk through the door.  We currently have prisons asking us to do programming at their prisons, and there are other prisons within our reach that we should be serving currently.  This Kairos Ministry runs on prayer and the dedication of volunteers to carry out the mission.  We need volunteers!  We need volunteers to step up and start walking through those doors that God is opening for us.  No matter how tough some in the DOC may make it for us to do our Ministry, God is stronger.  Now we just need those who may have served in the past to come back and serve again and bring someone else with you. 

Please feel free to contact me or the State Recruiting Chairman, Ken Perduyn at kperduyn@cox.net or better yet call him now at 602-684-5923.  You can also find information on our Arizona website, kairosofaz.org.   Please volunteer, God is calling.

Dennis Foster

Arizona State Chairman

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